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Today I had to cull my chicken because an irresponsible neighbors dog came on the property and killed my hen. We have talked to them but they say it isnt their dog but it is there when we talk to them about this. Well now the dog will be taken care of. He sneaks here at night looking for the chickens. Now they will be minus 1 dog and any other dogs that come here from them will end up missing. I figured he has been warned so now he will pay. I love animals but I feel if there is a threat to our livestock and such things have to be done. My dogs dont run loose and kill their livestock. This makes me sad tho.
Unfortunately a lot of us have been there too. IMO you are doing the right thing. I would also try to get pictures or video of the offending dog(s) so that any damages that acquired do to the dog can be reimbursed by the owner.
the neighbours need to be putting proper fencing up and also making sure they are monitoring their dogs properly and not letting them stray wherever they want.
this happens a lot in rural ireland,its happened to all relatives of mine who have farms-they have lost lambs,calves and chickens to neighbours yard dogs who were left to stray all hours.

this is just own view and not a judgement on those protecting their animals,but think dogs shoud not be the ones targeted as it isnt their fault for straying it is their guardians, people shoud get the police involved and sue the non responseible owners for compensation and damages plus a fence if they have to.
its awful to think of dogs been injured or shot dead for mistakes,laziness and pure neglect caused by humans as the dogs do not have human thinking to understand.
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I say you have every right to do it. But have you considered trapping it and relocating. Even chain it in your yard with a lock so it can't be removed and make them admit it is theirs to get it back. Them explain to them that next time it comes over you will immediately relocate it. Bang. Or take it to animal control.
I hate to see a animal harmed because of stupid humans(neighbors) without at least making an effort. Besides if they come over to get it you hold the upper had and can make them say please and sorry. If the say I'm calling the cops hand them the phone or call yourself. They will be the ones in trouble.
these people dont care about anything...they dont even pay there rent. We cant take pictures due to the fact that it happens at night and we have over 200 acres of land. We have talked to them but they are from mexico and they dont care if the animals wonder. One day their 2 hogs were in the yard..well they left and the owners lost a lot of meat. Believe me we didnt kill them, just let them go on their way.

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