Lost a pullet to a bucket

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    Dec 7, 2009
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    I had three 9 1/2 week old pullets, one Buff Orp and 2 Austrolorps. Yesterday DH got home from work and noticed our Austrolorp Inky was missing. They are escape artists, so he searched the whole yard, but no luck. As he was leaving the run, he noticed that the three gallon bucket I had upside down as a stool was in an unusual spot, and picked it up. Inky had somehow flipped the bucked on top of herself and either smothered or died of heat exposure. The bucket is black. [​IMG]

    Needless to say, there are no buckets or bowls allowed in the chicken compund any longer. Feeders and waterers are hanging only and secured. I feel horrible that the poor little girl suffered like that. I had no idea that she could have gotten stuck underneath it, since it was opening down to begin with.

    I love having chickens, but will always hate this part. Please think about this if you keep buckets or bowls in your run with bantams or youngsters.
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    Mar 13, 2010
    I am soo sorry! That is horrible..... good thing to know, horrible way to learn it. Thanks for the information
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    Oh, that is awful....I'm so sorry [​IMG]
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    we lost a cuckoo marans rooster to the horse water tank 2 weeks ago, although he drowned of course, so I definitely feel for you. I wouldn't have thought that they would get stuck underneath a bucket like that.
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    Sorry about your loss [​IMG] .....but thanks for the info. Never thought that they could do that.
  6. Beth G.

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    Sorry for your loss!!
  7. barred-rocks-rock

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    Jul 5, 2009
    So Sorry [​IMG]
  8. mmaddie's mom

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    ... had a 2 week old get caught under a water dish that had been flipped. We had looked for 2 days for her and the dish was an extra and I didn't think to pick it up... finally I did... she was hungry, thirsty and dirty, but ALIVE! She recovered and did fine.
    ... but I'm so sorry for your loss... it happens... sometimes happy endings... sometimes sad.

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