Lost a young white homer

Hokum Coco

9 Years
Dec 6, 2012
New Brunswick,Canada
I was bringing my young birds out for a training toss when one got out before I could basket her.

She was my smallest bird but was home before the rest on short tosses and coming along fine.

While flying isolated she was killed by a car while picking grit in front of the house.

I should have release another bird or two with her to give her flock protection while free flying.

Another lesson learned the hard way!!!.
Aw, you always worry about hawks when dealing with homers, but a car? Sorry for your loss.
You have to expect losses when you free fly. That is part of the game when you let birds be birds. It never gets any easier and you always say Could have; Should have; Would have. I just hope some of my mistakes may aid someone in a similar situation in the future. We all face similar challenges and obstacles when you race or free fly.
Sorry about your loss Hokum Coco. I once lost my first white homer female because I had my daughter toss her out further than I should have before any training. I learned the hard way. There's a really good site that describes how the Navy use to train their birds, I found it useful when I had my homers. It's interesting and maybe of some use. http://www.history.navy.mil/library/special/homing_pigeons.htm
Thanks for the link vtguania I always enjoy getting a new prospective on things it might just save me from making another stupid mistake. I book marked it and will check it out later.

I read a good deal of the link. There is a lot of valuable information there. Thanks again vtguania.
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