lost my chicken (picture))

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    I havent posted in forever, but came here today because chicken people understand.
    I have alot of chickens maybe 20 and 4 ducks. I free range them while home. Yesterday was like any other day, except different. I have this smallish black and white cochin we call her "baby black and white one" i know strange name, well anyways, I let her out of the coop because she is pecked on by the others and was hungry. I watched her eating and went inside and made my self lunch. the view to my coop/run is visiable from my kitchen window. I watched her, she looked happy. She had a beautfiful way about her. she made noises when you talk with her. She was my special chicken. I protected her. She was 4 years old. So anyways, I go to my living room and lay on the couch, I end up naping. I awake because my kids would soon be coming off their school bus, I go to the window in my kitchen and check on my "baby black and white one". Shes not visiable. I see a large huge hawk , on the ground eating something. I knew. I just knew. I throw my shoes on and head out the door, I ran fast, my adrienline pumping.
    I try and shoo the hawk away. That didnt work well, so I tried throwing wooden logs at it. I hit it the first time and it went down. But it soon got right back up. Devistated because this is my girl! I called my husband at his work and he came home and shooed the hawk, it flew up to a tree. I took a ton of pictures of it. He was mean and nasty looking. Im still very shaken up about it. Still feels unreal.



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    Jun 22, 2012
    So sorry for your loss!!
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    Sorry for the loss.....I also had a hawk problem...got 2 lavender Orp pullets, and a crested Swedish flower pullet....I put my Canadian Geese decoys in their pen and it stopped....LOL...decoys are good for something...~Charm

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