Lost My First Chicken


Apr 13, 2017
I’m really sorry. Research avian vet for next time. I’m lucky living in the country my daughter is a vet tech for a registered avian vet . I’m not sure what area you are from.
Thank you, I will have to look for one.

What a sweet hen
Thanks, she was

I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a lovely girl. It is very true that sometimes there is an underlying condition that we can't see and simply don't know about. The first hen I lost died from an infection. I was worried about the others, so I had a necropsy done on her, and it turned out she had some internal problems with her ovary and other organs (quite possibly from birth) and that is what had made her susceptible to the infection. All of that is just to say that it sounds like you did everything you could for her and she certainly had a good and very happy life with you. I think the last gift our loved and loving animal friends give us is a lesson in how to accept what is and let them go. I still have fond memories of my Domino. Those never go away.
That means a lot, thank you for sharing
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