Lost new pullet...any ideas?


Jul 17, 2016
I've been raising chickens for a few years now. Unfortunately this spring, I lost two of my flock to raccoon. We fix that problem, and a friend of the family gave me two hens about four months old on Tuesday. They are currently in quarantine but I put them in a temporary run near some tall pine trees on the property during the day. Generally I'm the only one who handled them but last night my husband went to put them back into the garage for me, and he lost one in the tall trees. She wouldn't come down and spent the night outside. I've lost members of my other flock before but they always came back. However they knew my property well. I'm concerned since she's so new and doesn't quite know where home is yet that she's gone for good. I put her friend into the run near the trees this morning, put out food and called for her. I can't think of anything else to do, but any suggestions would be welcome. I'm feeling quite sad, and I know my husband feels very guilty for losing one of my new chickens.

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