Lost our fave girl last night - only 3 years


9 Years
Jan 3, 2012
Hi, we had 13 hens but lost our favorite one last night (Monday). She seemed fine on Sunday, eating, running around, but yesterday she was sitting in the coop on the eggs her sisters had laid. I brought her in and made her some scrambled eggs, fresh corn, meal worms - which she ate. Put her in a box in the living room and she went to sleep. A few hours later she let out a few screeches and passed away. She was only about 2 1/2 yrs old. We spoil our girls, only feeding them organic feed and healthy treats. But we have also lost a couple other hens in the past year. I see posts about how you all have hens living to 12-18 years old. Are we doing something wrong? Do chickens get ovarian cancer frequently? I am wondering if the place we get them from is over breeding them? Is there a better source? We love our girls so much - they all have their sweet personalities (well some not so sweet, but they are still so loved). Any replies would be so appreciated. Thanks.
Hatchery birds often have issues. They are not bred for the long haul. Hatcheries are interested only in churning out the needed number of birds at any given point, and genetics be darned. I have gotten the most sorry specimens of birds through the hatcheries (and it's not just one hatchery, it's all of them)- defects, failure to thrives, horrible behavior, lousy examples of the breed, etc. Honestly, if you want some decent birds you are going to need to find a reputable breeder, collect a group of birds from said breeder, and then close your flock. If you get a roo or two in your group you can go many years without bringing in any new birds from outside (lowering your risk of disease). I think you will find at that point the longevity of your flock increases dramatically.

Good luck.
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so sorry for you. I feel your pain since I am going through the same thing as I type this. Really stinks.

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