Lost our smallest chick

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6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
Billerica, MA
My daughter just called me hysterical to say that she had found our smallest chick, Marshmallow, dead. She was one of our silkies and even though she was eating and drinking, she just didn't seem to be growing or as active as the others.
I'm so sorry. I'm afraid that this might happen to our Lemon. I never knew how upsetting it could be to lose a chick. Hope your daughter is ok. :(

:( I am so sorry...mine are 4 weeks old today, and I am still paranoid over them...sigh...it's so hard to lose them....although, thank God, I have not yet.......
I am so sorry. I lost 5 when I first got mine and it hurt so bad, I felt so helpless. RIP little Marshmellow.
I lost one of mine this way, so sorry you lost one. Here's hugs for your daughter!

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