Lost the packing slip from Sandhills Preservation.

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Mrs. K

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14 Years
Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
I ordered the super assortment, and I have chickens I have no idea what they are:
How old? I'm not familiar with that breed, looks like a pullet to me but, that is a good sized comb and has wattles forming too.
It is a mille fleur leghorn.
And im saying a cockerel.
I raised several of them from sandhill and they all had small combs nothing like a leghorn should.
Also more then not had red ear lobes.
You must have got 25 from them. Out of curiosity what's the rest look like?
I ordered from them a few yrs ago, got some of what I ordered and a lot of 'packing peanuts' only way I could get what I wanted, white giant's. Got the giants and some red sussex, and one black langshan, that I ordered ten blacks and five blues....
I ended up culling what I thought was a really bad example of a tail less white giant pullet. After culling I realized it was most likely a Manx Rumpy. Didn't know there was white one's at the time.
I did get 25+, but shared them with a friend. We divided them, just by reaching into the box. Although I kind of tried to match up pairs. I will try and post some more pictures tomorrow. I got a single Dorking with 5 toes. Two the mille fleur leghorns, two BO, a maran rooster (I think) a tail-less rooster so am thinking Americana, a gray owl looking bird, and two black birds, but i don't think they are Austrolops, they are black with a grey shine, not a purple or green shine. And then I have two small black and white birds, speckled heads, black backs, white underbelly, and outside wing feathers are also white. I have kept all twelve of thirteen alive and healthy. My friend is down to 9.
The tail less rooster, they don't have Auraucana's, they are tailless, the Ameraucana's that they have, have tails. Probably a Manx Rumpy, AKA Persian Rumpless.
Too bad it isn't a pullet, wish I kept mine just didn't realize it. They're supposed to lay colored eggs, blue green.

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