Lost three keets to something


10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
All chickens and guineas were shut in the barn last night. The young chicks and keets were in their brooder box with chicken wire sides. I've been leaving the little door open and the top off so they could be part of the larger room with other older chicks that are free to roost or be in their brooder box but the young ones still sleep under the lamp in their brooder box. This morning 3 of the smallest keets were gone. Could a rat come in and take them? A snake? Three seems like a lot. Any thoughts?


In the Brooder
10 Years
Jun 24, 2009
Just had almost the same thing happen except it went in the hole I cut in the wire to put a water bottle got 1 guinea keet and 1 RR chick pretty sure it was a snake saw a 6ft long black boy in the barn up in the rafters one night not to long ago think he is also getting my guinea eggs found 3 friday first in several weeks and no more after that. I moved my chicks up on to my screen porch until they get big enough not to be bothered by him. Some one needs to come up with a snake trap this thing strikes at night while my guineas are roosting and stays hid during the day.

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