Lot O' Eggs! Egg Care Package!


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
Just trying to find homes for the surplus eggs
These aren't second-hand eggs or anything, just the excess eggs that are good to be hatched, but never purchased!
I can work around you if you're wanting something in particular.

What I have:
Pen #1: Pure Speckled Sussex (hens and roosters) with Welsummer hens
Pen #2: Pure Cuckoo Marans (hens and roosters) with heavies hens (Australorp, Barred Rock, White Faced Black Spanish <--Mediterranean breed)
Pen #3: French Black Copper Marans
Pen #4: Lakenvelders
Pen #5: Buff Orpington Hens, Old English Game Bantam Hens, Red Cochin Bantams Hens + Rooster, a pair of Golden Campines, a Rhode Island Red Bantam Rooster, White Silkies Hens, Splash Silkies Hen, Slash Silkies Rooster and Golden Seabright Hen.
Free-Rangers: Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Roosters, Barred Rock X Rhode Island Red Bantam Rooster, Silver Spangled Hamburg Rooster, Gamebird Rooster, and a pair (hen and rooster) of White Faced Black Spanish <-- so you'll be getting her eggs, I know she follows her mate around, but she could be cheating

My main point is to put together an Egg Care Package to offer you a lot of eggs
for a good price! They will include a bit of this and a bit of that, but you'll get some of each

I can ship anywhere between 1 egg up to 36 eggs.
6 eggs is $5 + $10 shipping
15 eggs is $12 + $15 shipping
30 eggs is $25 + $15 shipping
36 eggs is $30 + $15 shipping

SUPER DUPER MEGA PACK: I have THREE boxes I am trying to recycle and they, it seems hold approximately 50-60 eggs. I've never shipped this many eggs or in these boxes, but if you'd like to try, I would be more than happy to ship you at least 50 eggs and up to 60 eggs (maybe more if I can fit them in there - I managed to fit 36 eggs in a box that once only held 18 eggs safely!). Pricing on this would be $50 if i can fit 60 eggs and only $45 if I can only fit 50 eggs. Shipping on this may be anywhere between $20-$25, maybe cheaper if you live in a state close to Kansas!
Just let me know if you're interested in this BULK pack!

Feel free to PM me or purchase! Email: [email protected]
I can ship out eggs this week!
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I'm interested in your auction...I think it would be quite interesting to hatch a grab-bag, so to speak! I am curious, though...I know that you have other auctions going right now where you stress a lot of bantams. Can you hatch standard along with bantams? I just completed my first hatch ever, so I don't have any experience to back this up. I'd prefer to have mainly standards...and definitely would like some of those beautiful marans! Let me know, thanks!
Yeah, you can hatch those together! Nothing different, they're just smaller in size. Takes the same amount of date.
Some people like to raise them separately and we'll do both, but either works fine.

Our bantams, since they're a mixed match, tend to be medium sized, at least most of them. I believe the Old English Game Bantams and seabright might be really small, but people really do love those little guys LOL

And congratulations on your first hatch! I know how excited I was when I did that (my eyes were glued to that darn bator for 21 days LOL).

Let me know if you want any eggs
Maybe your PM box is full again(I know my mine is darn close to being full too!), but I sent you an e-mail yesterday to let you know that my internet FINALLY decided to start working, and I sent you the money yesterday around 3pm. PM me when you get a chance, thanks!
Ack! Stupid me! I barely got online yesterday and it kicked me off. Period.

If we run our microwave, no internet, if the neighbors run their tv, no internet.
I think if you farted too loud = no internet LOL
Either they were running their tv or other electronics or you caused it lol or someone farted lol
I'm being serious too... if our furnace comes on, no internet! LOL

Anyways, apologies!!!
I couldn't get online at all yesterday despite trying!
And then when I did... NO BYC for me!
I couldn't get on with my password!!!

Blah! For my internet being bad, I will ship ya out 36 eggs
or try too hahaha, if I can fit it in your box this Saturday
*face plant* stupid internet

Let me know if that is alright!
Sure, that sounds good. Feel free to toss in more eggs if you find room!
My one bator is on lock down now, and of the 45+ eggs I have in there, only one is rocking, but no peeping from any eggs. I'm REALLY hoping something hatches! I can't wait to get yours in the bator and see what hatches. I want fuzzy little chicks to snuggle, lol!
i tried to pm you but your inbox is full
ill be emailing you if i can


eta: i wanted to email or pm but your inbox is full here and you don't have an email address (except it's private) anyway, please pm me so i can ask a few questions.

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Try [email protected] - I can check that one on my phone... (somtimes, depends how far I am from a cell phone town

[email protected] is my BF's paypal account (please don't laugh... but I'm .... paypal... "illiterate"!!! Darn technology!

My internet is doing weird stuff, so please be patient! Chicken_China_Mom infected me with her out-in-the-sticks-internet-troubles LOL!!!! Pffft!!!!!!!

Once my three bators are free (well consider it 4 - and I have to fix the 2 bators...) there may be less eggies for sale!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

Or more pies.... oh gosh and bierocks... <3 <3 <3

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