Lots of eggs. Not much time to go! -UPDATE- I HAVE A CHICK!!!!-PIC!


12 Years
Jan 17, 2008
I have 23 chicken eggs distributed throughtout 2 incubators. Incubator 1 contains 6 very fertile chicken eggs, with 6 seb. eggs that I am positive are NOT fertile. And bator 2 contains 17 chicken eggs with 5 east indie X call duck eggs, and as far as I can tell, there are 13 out of 17 chicken eggs in there that are fertile... some I can't tell for sure yet. The duck eggs have been added recently, so I can only tell one is fertile at the moment.

So I am very eggcited!

Does anyone know if I should unplug the automatic turner on day 18?
Thanks... it's very important that I know for sure!
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For incubator 1, I'm on day 14... thats my handturning bator. And for bator 2, I'm on day 7 for the chicken eggs and day 1, 2, and 3 for the duck eggs... I might move them to my other bator once the chicks hatch out of bator 1.
incubator #1 is due to have some hatchlings this weekend. Tomorrow I plan on getting the brooder out and around and heating up the garage.

Bator #2 hatches next weekend... I figure I'm supposed to turn the automatic turner off day 18?
My bantam egg hatched about an hour ago! I expect to see the other five hatching tonight and tomorrow and possibly even sunday! This is soooo exciting!
yeahhhhhh how exciting cant wait to see pictures.
I'll get pictures when they're done hatching. I know the bantie is a mix because it has feathered feet, so its' mom must be my black cochin bantie... so dad must be my grey japanese bantie.

I have a question to everyone, I know standard and bantam chickens get breed successfully... but can a standard roo breed to a bantam hen and successfully have a baby out of a bantie egg? The chick is def. a bantie.

Also another question is on day 18 for my automatic turning bator, do I unplug the automatic turner?
I will tell you what I know. I was told to turn off the turner and take them out of It. It should tell you in the directions that came with the turner. Good luck.

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