Lots of leftover organic crumbles (expensive) - what to do?


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Mar 23, 2012
I have almost a full bag leftover of the organic starter crumbles, which works out to almost $30 worth! But my babies are now 8 weeks old and need to go on the grower crumbles. What can I do w/the leftover starter crumbles? I'm assuming mixing the two is out of question? Can I feed it to the wild birds?

I don't know anyone with chicks that I could give it to around here, as we haven't lived here long. I know I could give it away on freecycle or something, but was hoping there was something I could do with it around here since I already paid for it.

thanks for any suggestions!

Hi earthgirl78, why not continue to use it? You can make it into a mash and feed once a day, and feed grower the rest of the time, or you could just continue with the starter. If it's organic it shouldn't be medicated (which is the main reason to need to switch to grower: lesser amounts of medication, thus weaning birds from it).

They may dislike the fine crumble size so that's where making a mash works really well. The higher protein level won't hurt, though you may see slightly larger combs.

I would go ahead and feed it out. I kept my last batch of chicks on starter until they were almost 12 weeks old cause I had it. There's no problem with it. Especially if I'd paid so much, I'm not one to waste it!

If you really don't want to feed it, I'd list it on Craigslist and sell it. We have folks sell parital bags of feed a lot this time of year.
I would feed it and have no worries whatsoever! They will be absolutely fine. I've had chicks that stayed on starter until they switched to layer at 18 or so weeks and were at point of lay. They cared not one bit that I didn't buy a few bags of grower in the middle!
Oh good, thank you all. I just thought you couldn't keep feeding it to them, so I wasn't sure what to do, but I will keep giving it to them. I bought a bag of the grower already, should I mix them together maybe? I was thinking that might be a good idea.

Thank you for all of your help, I really appreciate it!!!

All of my layers are on starter/grower right now since I have broody hens with chicks mixed in. I just put oyster shell on the side. Have done this every spring without problems. :)
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i usually mix crumb and grower for week 4-10 and then growers only from 10-16 and then depending on pullet or roo

it eithers growers mixed with layer till week 18 or growers mixed with breeders for roos till week 18 then i go pure layers or breeders depending on what im doing with the chicken

breeders for the both hen and roo if im hatching and layers for hens that are laying and breeders for the roos always

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