Lots of time in coop


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
Is it normal that my chicks who have been spending the past 6 days in their coop/run spend a huge amount of time in the coop itself? They come running right out if I am out side but I'm pretty certain that as soon as I leave the run right back into their coop.

If I am out there they are running around, scratchin in the dirt and seeming happy as clams. It did just occur to me that they do follow me around. So if I walk to one end of the run they come down there. And in order for me to go back to the house I walk down the length of the run past the coop. They run down the run with me and disappear into the coop. Do they think I'm going in too????
Granted I don't know if they come back out later. But they are almost always in the coop when I come back out.

I was planning on having them spend the first night in the coop tonight. Is that a bad idea?
It is normal for chickens to be a bit weary of the big outdoors at first if they were indoor/brooder raised. When you are there with them they'd feel safe and therefor will venture out. They should get used to being outside soon though. I see no problem with letting them sleep in the coop, if it's warm enough for them/if they are feathered out. You didn't say how old they are?

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