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Apr 21, 2011
Allenton, MI
This morning I went out to let the girls out, and I found one chicken making this noise when she's breathing. I picked her up and I see nothing wrong - nothing stuck in her nostrils, no wounds or any discharge from anywhere. She was acting normally otherwise, and ate the bread I threw down as a treat like nothing was wrong. Being a vet tech, my first thought is some sort of upper respiratory issue, but we don't really do anything with chickens - I have the most chicken knowledge of anyone there. Does anyone recognize these symptoms as anything, and should I be alarmed and be doing something to treat? She was perfectly fine last night, and no one else has any issues right now. Very concerned that this could turn into something much worse very quickly. Please help!!!
She seems to be doing better tonight but still hearing it a little bit. Has anyone heard this before? Respiratory stuff scares me and I really would love some input!
I am very new to raising chickens but I do hear this noise from one of my silki bantam hens, I have absolutely no clue what it means, she was fine 2 days ago but it seems irregular although it is not hampering her daily activities. She is only 12 weeks old so I am wondering if maybe it's just a trate she has. But if its something serious I would love to know also so that I may find a way to treat it.
my chicken is having a respiratory issue also. what I'm treating with is Tylosin ;[Tylan50]. Tylan50 is a excellent choice for respiratory issues. many poultry owners including myself have successfully treated respiratory issues with Tylan50. The dose for small birds or bantams is 1/4cc the dose for larger birds is 1/2cc. The dose is given once a day for 5 days. The injection is given in the breast muscle. I could not watch your video because I'm on a cell phone however if your bird is breathing abnormally and you hear a wheezing or rattling i would treat with antibiotics asap. I would not let it go. Tylan50 is geared for upper respiratory issues. you can find it at the feed store. don't be worried that the bottle says for cattle and swine. Many poultry owners including myself have successfully treated respiratory issues with it. As a matter of fact I'm treating my own right now with Tylan50. I hope this is helpful for you. I hope your bird gets well soon! best of luck!
I've had crd before and it was scary to me for a while until I pieced together what is actually going on. In my opinion it's really nothing at all to worry about. I've had it spread through my brooders with chicks of various ages without a single casualty, not even the week olds. It will take its course and with proper management will subside. If proper management isn't given, then obviously the outcome could be different.
Here's a good read I bookmarked a while back if anyone's interested
I'm hearing this noise now! She's 3 months old (Silkie) You can hear it when she breathes in and out, like "hoo heee hoo heee" Started out of the blue. We are having super wet weather here in the South. She hasn't been in the rain- but it is awfully humid. I put VETRX on her. I still have the 3 months old on medicated feed, so I didn't treat her with additional meds.

Pam Pittman
No one has ever heard this from their chickens before?
I know this is a old post, but today my buff did the exact same thing. This morning she was fine, this afternoon she sounds just like your girl did, even the sneeze. She is acting fine, looks fine, but her crop is very full. Just was wondering how it went with your girl? I am at a loss as to what to do for her?? I put her in a small pen without food, but with water.
Thank you, your post was the ONLY post similar/same as mine.
I gave her (him?) Tylan for 5 days. I did it as a shot , but they say that it's safer given orally. Forgot the dosage, tho. I's probably on here somewhere. He's still sensitive to dust (when I'm changing bedding), damp weather. I read to water them down when it got really hot. I did it, and it made him breath that way for days.

Good luck with your girl!

Thank you for responding!
It was such a weird situation! I really think she had overeaten! Her crop was so full, and I could feel stuff at the top of her crop. I put her in our "sick" pen without food, just water. After a couple of hours she sounded better, by that evening you wouldnt have known anything had happen?!!?! Crop was back to "normal" size also. I did treat her with some vetrx, just incase of a respiratory issue, and have been watching her like a hawk, but so far so good!! Her name is Millie and she has always been one of my most greediest girls when it comes to food!! I just love her!

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