Loud Broody Fighting Ducks


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7 Years
Mar 15, 2012
Sterling, MA
I have 17 ducks all different kinds, 4 drakes in the flock and they are getting on my last nerves. They are up at the crack of dawn quacking their heads off for no reason, the broody crested runs around like an insane women and attacks all the other ducks which then nearly creates an all out brawl. When let outside to range they seem to not be satisfied by my 4 acres of land and travel everywhere.

I'm just trying to decide if I simply have too many, if this is normal and or if there is anything I can to to help the situation.

I was considering making a second duck house to give more choices where to sleep, making the enclosure larger and adding a sprinkler or something to go off in the morning to keep them quiet...

Crazy Ducks
Each of your ideas sounds like it will help.


I can relate to not being able to think of a reason for their behavior, but in my gut, I know there is a reason.

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