Loud quacking.


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Jan 27, 2011
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I got three khaki campbells early march. Last week I gave away two that were drakes. Now she has two 4 week old ducklings as buddies, but she has started to have loud QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK moments. She hardly ever did this before the drakes left, but now she does it many times a day. Is this just what females do? Should I expect my Welsh Harlequin and Runner to do this also? We live in an urban area so I'm slightly concerned about the neighbors being irritated by it.
Thats why I got Muscovies (called the quackless duck)after hearing how loud other ducks where.If you had just drakes they quack in a raspy sort of way,so not very loud.
Yep, the boys were quiet, but I want eggs and muscovies are uuuummm, unappealing.
Yes they will QUACk and if they get excited they will QUACK LOUDER and if they get scared they will QUACK EVEN LOUDER...thats what female ducks do
I had some mallard/roen mix ducks originally 3 years ago. That was the only summer my neighbors called animal control on me (3 times). I personally think it was because the 3 duck hens were soooo loud. AC didn't do anything because I was legal BUT once I rehomed the ducks they quit getting calls.

I have a new pair of muscovies and they have really grown on me... I used to think they were kind of ugly too but these two aren't so bad.
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It seemed as though my girls quacked a lot for a few months, but they are pretty quiet now for the most part. They chatter in the morning and then quack if something is amiss or the dogs go nuts around them, but for the most part, they are pretty quiet girls.
Maybe it will pass.

Maybe check in with the neighbors and give them a heads up to let you know if it becomes bothersome and you'll try your best to keep them on the quiet side.
My Harley girls were loud when they just started to quack and then they quieted down after a while..I think they are just getting used to their "QUACK"
Yes, the females will quack, especially during breeding season. That's when I've noticed it the most. They will also quack when their ducklings stray off and they will quack when a male chases them. The loudest, nastiest quacks are when a predator attacks a mom with ducklings.
I thought she might be calling the males at first, but now I think it may be she is calling the ducklings to her (they don't listen too well).
Now she quacks along with my dog barking. They are getting annoying...lol. Good thing one neighbor is hardly ever home, we have a park behind us, and a vacant house is on the other side.
We have a khaki campbell, blue Swedish, and Welsh harlequin (all females) that are almost 6 months old. They have always been noisy if something disturbs them, and they used to be noisy in the morning when they were shut in their nighttime house and wanted out. The funny thing is that since they started laying over the last couple of weeks, they're really quiet in the morning, as if they're sneaking around. I used to worry a lot about the noise, but neighbors on one side have a dog that barks incessantly, and the other side fixes up cars and has a compressor going half the day. So I don't think anyone will be complaining in our case.

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