Love my girls!

Suzie Hakala

May 15, 2015
We've had chickens for years, and ust started free ranging on a limited time . I have some good pix I want to share, but not sure how I do that. URL? Where do I find that? They're just pix from my phone
Glad you have joined us. Would love to see your pics.

I use a PC, but would suggest you look thru this link to see if it can help:

If info there does not help, the post the question there, I am sure someone knows how to post from a phone.
Hi :welcome

Glad you could join the flock! Great to hear you are loving your girls, chickens really are endearing animals. I too only let mine have limited free ranging when I can supervise them. I have polish and with their fancy crests they get easily lost and in a panic when they can't find their way back.

Hope the link helps you that sunflour left for you, I'm afraid I too don't know how to post using mobile. You can always switch to the desktop version of BYC on your mobile, I use desktop all the time on iPad.

Good luck and enjoy BYC :frow

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