Love my sassy little chickens

Hei 20

Oct 8, 2020
Hello everyone,

I am totally new to raising chickens - just started a flock back in May (2020). And, thanks to this forum and to the great people that share their knowledge here, I was (and am) able to do this!
I have a diverse mix of breeds: Ameraucana, Bhrama, Yokohama and ISA Brown. They are all very unique individuas, full of personality and different preferences and behaviors. Sometimes we even forget they are chickens. They are for sure super entertaining (so much so that we have "Chicken-Watching O'clock"). Their home is a huge mobile coop/run that my engineer husband built for them. The coop is equipped with automatic door, plenty of perches, high capacity feeder/waterer, a dust bathtub and even a solar security system (lol).

I am excited to be part of this group.
:welcome :welcome :welcome

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