Lovebird might be sick??!! Help

Dec 17, 2017
North Carolina
I have two lovebirds and I love them so so so very much but I’m afraid they might be sick I know your first response will be take them to the vet but the only bird vet around that will take parrots was 500$ just for a checkup and if they are sick I’m afraid the cost will be out the roof if I must I will but please help they have been like this for a little while they had this before but I don’t know what to do the one with the orange forehead (sunny) has it worse that (cloudy) the other one with the white forehead so please HELP ME!! Here’s a picture they are shaking and not eating or drinking very much! And sunny keeps putting his beak in his feathers behind him what should I do? I will give them extra veggies Sunny also has watery eyes and ruffled feathers!

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