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Apr 23, 2014
West Central Louisiana
I am a small town Louisiana woman! I helped my grandfather raise and hatch chicks as a child and really enjoyed the bonding it allowed us to have. Now that he has passed I noticed how much I miss it. I want to have this same experience with my son as well so I have recently built my own pen and purchased a few chicks and ducks. I remember most of the basics but my grandfather didn't have time to teach me everything I would have liked to learn. I am hoping some of y'all will be able to help me out. So far I have enjoyed reading all of the posts and have learned a great deal from them. Including interesting facts. As of now I have 2 Mallards and 2 Khaki Campbell's (not yet sexed) hoping to get a few more khaki hens. I also have 1 silver laced chick (looking for more), 4 RIR, 3 Americana, 1 black sex link and 2 red sex link. All hens. And 1 Dominic rooster.

Welcome to BYC!

And welcome back to the world of poultry!! Once poultry gets into your blood, it is hard to completely get all those feathers out of your veins!

Liz has set you up with some great links to follow. Especially to the learning center. Lots of great articles on all aspects of raising poultry.

Welcome to our flock and enjoy this new adventure!
Thank you both! And you are definitely in my blood. It was so weird how I just automatically new what to do and how many breeds I recognized. It's like once I started, the memories and knowledge of raising them came rushing back. I am mainly interested on the best feed for them and the different stages of growth. This is some of the information I didn't quite grasp as a young child. I love watching them grow but I would like to know what is going on in their lives and their specific needs at the different stages. Right now I am doing a lot of research and trial and error.
You might want to stop by our Feeding and Watering your Flock section here on BYC as many people are into fermenting feeds these days. Trying to get away from the processed bagged feeds...


Here is a nice treats chart too that has all the goodies you can add to their diet for fun and good health...


As for feeding them now, keep them on starter feed for the babies, and a get the layers on layer feed for the chickens when they are about ready to lay. I don't know anything about ducks, but if you have questions about them, you can stop by our Ducks section for help from the Duck experts....


Enjoy your flock!
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