Low humidity days 1-18 ??


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Feb 27, 2009
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If my humidity is running in the mid to low 30s, will that cause any problems? I candled on day 13 and had 28 out of 29 good, 1 looks like it has a blood ring. I am on day 14 now.
Mine were in the mid-low 30's the whole incubation, except for maybe the last 5 days where it was mid-lows 40's... and everything so far is fine. The 3 that were supposed to hatch did so far.. and I'm still waiting on the ones due over the next couple days.

... This was also my first time incubating.
I run my whole first 18 days at a average of 35 and dont add water till it drops to 25 for two hours. I have 100 percent hatches quite often Its called the dry incubation method. You just might be surprised at how clean your hatch will be. The egg is cleaner and the chick is not soaked.
Do all of you use still air incubators? I have a still air Little Giant that I just put eggs in on 3/14, and I've been keeping humidity around 40 to 45 percent. But, I just read my Storey's book again, and it is saying keep in the 60s for still air incubators. So confused. Would help to know what kind of incubators you use, since most of you say you've been quite successful. Thanks!
I use the Dry technique also..... it's so much easier than battling with the humidity.... especially here in Michigan this time of year... I've just been letting mine do what it wants as far as that goes
It's staying at a pretty level 30% with very little evaporation. Still not exactly sure why I'm getting so little evaporation.

So far my hatches have been pretty clean.
So it's probably safe that I keep my humidity at around 40- 45 then?

Thanks. This is my first hatch, and I want to give the little guys a good chance at survival.
I should have calibrated my hygro before I started this. I did it last night and it is 10% low, so when I thought I was at mid 30s I was really mid 40s. Oh well, I still have 28 that are developing have only lost one so far.

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