Lowest cost type of anti-digging protection?

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    I'm curious what you all have found to be the lowest cost wire to use for anti-digging aprons along fences. I'm looking at covering a very large area that way if possible - I have a neighbor whose dog can't be kept out for more than 30 minutes anymore before he digs a new hole in, and would rather fortify my fencing than SSS or cause animosity by calling animal control if they would even come out here. This dog isn't a direct threat (well behaved, just lonely and wants to live with my dogs apparently) but the holes are - letting predators in or letting my dogs (who cannot yet be trusted to stay home or leave larger livestock they haven't met like cows/horses alone) out.

    This only recently started happening, but it's gotten really bad the last day or two. I'll be talking to the neighbors today to find out who his owner is, but I'm not counting on a resolution from it. Since anything could potentially do the same, I may as well plan to be proactive and fortify the whole fence in the mean time.

    So any suggestions on wire type? Are there maybe non-wire anti-digging solutions I'm missing?

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    2x4 Woven or welded wire maybe?
    Chicken wire might even work depending on if the dog will just dig or use his mouth too to get thru.
    Scavenged chain link?
    18-24" apron buried a few inches or at least staked down at outer edge.

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