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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Here is my first question. We bought those red watering nipples and so far one of them will not stop dripping does anyone know of a way to get it to stop? We have beat on it and everything you can imagine. Please help!!!
Although I am not certain that beating on it will serve any useful purpose, the most common reason that these nipples seem to leak is that the water pressure in the supply is too high. I don't know what the pressure rating is on the nipples, but I have found that filling the supply bucket on my system too much will cause the nipples to leak until it lowers to a certain point.

Perhaps asking the supplier of the nipple for the pressure rating would help. Otherwise, simply reducing the pressure in the system might provide you with your answer.

This would address leaking from the metal pin that inserts into the plastic housing, not if the leak appears around the threaded section that fits into the pipe or other supply.


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