Lucasville, Ohio Swap THIS weekend? June 5-6?


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May 12, 2009
Burton, OH
Anyone know if there is a swap this upcoming weekend in Lucasville, Ohio? If so, where exactly is it? Where can I get some additional information? We are way up in NE Ohio but are up for a road trip and thought maybe we'd take a drive down.

any info anyone has would be great!
We would also like more info.

Edited to add...6littlechickies, I found this

2009 Southern Ohio Poultry Association Swap Meet

Scioto County Fairgrounds, Lucasville

Click here for directions

7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

April 11-12
June 6-7
Oct: 10-11

Sponsored by the Poultry Association

FREE admission; parking $2.00
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mordarlar--thanks for that info! going to go check it out.

if anyone else out there has info or will be there, please post here...i'd love to hear of any other BYCer's going!

If anyone is going and has BBS Amer, I would be VERY interested also, any BS peahens would be on my list.
i cant wate .. i all ready have my cages in the truck . hope to see you guys thare.
i am hopeing to find a good deal on some peafowl.are thay any one from here that will have peafowl for sale at the Lucasville, Ohio sale .. let me know and ill look you up.
bluedog-I sent you a PM, we have a few 2009 hatchings if you are interested.

very much looking forward to tomorrow just really wish we could get an idea of who/what will be there! guess thatcwill be part of the fun though.

FYI I will be the frazzled looking red head with three crazy kiddos possibly crawling all over her.
my avatar is my DD, also have another two DS. the oldest and youngest are redheads too, middle boy is a clone of DH! feel free to say hi if ya see me!

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