lump on back of hens leg!!!!!!

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  1. chickenwoods

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Today after the rain i let my hens go out in the yard and eat fresh cut grass,and when they all went back in the barn i went in with them to pet them,and try to talk my hens into laying more eggs.anyway,i was petting one of my birds and i noticed a lump on the back of her leg,right where the feathers start.
    The lump was huge!!! It felt almost like a cocaburr,but we dont have cocco burs growing within a mile of here!!
    it was as big around as my thumb,and im a big o boy lol
    It felt like it was under the skin,i couldnt see ,it is dark.
    ANYONE know anything about a lump on your hens?

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