Lump on hatching duckling


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Apr 16, 2012

This little duck is just hatching and seems to be fine so far except for the lump on his little head. What is it?
he hatched ok except for the last bit he is stuck in his shell and has almost totally absorbed the yoke i can see a little left so i am letting him be. The lump is soft and squishy, skin is complexly over it as you can see. Really there are two lumps one in front of the other. You can see the tall lump and right behind it is another lump about half the size of the first. There is no blood or open wounds anywhere. He seem to be breathing fine and kicking the shell.
My guess is he probably will not make it but i hate not to let him try.
I am pretty new at hatching ducks so it would be very nice, If anyone has any idea please let me know Thanks

Well he made it though the night, kicked his shell of but the left over still hasn't come off clean like it dose most of the time. He is crying like they normally do and tryng to get his balance to walk. On this side of his face he doesn't open his eye very wide doesn't seem like the slit is big enough to open but the other side seems to be fine. The small lump appears to have gone away while the larger one still remains and is still squishy. If you press along the rig line of his head you can feel the tiny skull with this growth on top it feels rather like a water blister.
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This little one Past away today. he never held his head up really and never learned to walk. I don't think if he would have lived he would have made it in the coop with the rest.

On the happy side i now have 5 more new little ducklings and they are doing great.:)

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