Lump on Rooster's leg is bleeding-don't think it is mites

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    Can anyone tell from this picture what this lump might be? It started a while ago and has gotten bigger and bigger. Now, it is even a little bigger than in this picture and has started to bleed from the back side of the lump. From reading up on mites, I don't think that is it. I read that someone had something like this lanced on their bird and a bunch of gunk came out but I hate to cut into anything if I don't know what it is. He is eating, drinking and mingling fine with the other birds and has no trouble walking yet. I just don't know what else to do now that it keeps bleeding. Please help!
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    This is in the wrong place for Bumblefoot, but I am wondering if Bumblefoot surgery would take care of it.. Maybe the rooster got injured, biten by something and has an infection..

    Search Bumblefoot surgery.. and use precautions, it can be a staph infection... use gloves, mask, etc.. follow the directions for Bumblefoot surgery and if you have a vet who is helpful and all.. you might keep a "sample" of what you remove and take it to the vet for examination under a microscope.
    You will need some supplies.. check your local feed store for what you need.

    Look for posts by dawg53 on Bumblefoot and Bumblefoot surgery.

    Best of luck.

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