Lumps of muck on legs! :-( Help needed

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7 Years
Oct 27, 2012
Devon, England
Hi, I'm Kat. i just rescued 9 chickens, from really bad conditions, and was wondering if you could help with something, when i got them they were all covered in mud and muck, i have a silkie cock and some mixed breed hens in one run and a trio of mixed breeds in another run, also with a cock, i intend to mix the two groups together when they are ready, but firstly i need to clean them up properly, they have muck stuck to their legs, like leg warmers, all round them, how is the best way of removing this muck, i dont want to pick it off, coz this would probably do more harm than good! and given that the cold is setting in, i was wary of giving them a bath! what really is the best solution? please help! my chicks need a break! theyve had a crap start in life,
a bath is the best answer. If you have a dog crate you could bath them and keep them inside until they are fully dry. I would also treat for mites.

I would NOT put them in with your other birds for at least 3 weeks - they can bring in disease and wipe out your flock.

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