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    My 5 month old Chick has gotten these yellow lumps on his head. I would really like to know how this is caused and how I Can treat this. Thanks!! [​IMG]
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    Your chicken appears to have Fowl Pox, which is a viral disease that is relatively common. It is spread by mosquitoes and other flying insects. Fowl Pox begins as scabs or bumps on the face. Sometimes, it progresses to the wet form, with lesions that invade the throat. Fowl Pox will go away on its own in 4-6 weeks. After having Fowl Pox, chickens are resistant to that particular strain.

    You can't really treat the disease itself, as it is caused by a virus. Fortunately, it isn't usually serious, unless it progresses to the wet form. To help the scabs go away, put iodine on them. This will make them dry up. Make sue the bird continues eating and drinking normally. Providing electrolytes and vitamins is a good idea, to keep the immune system strong. Some birds with Fowl Pox develop a secondary bacterial respiratory infection or another disease because of a weakened immune system from Fowl Pox.

    Here are some good links on Fowl Pox:

    Avian Pox - How To Treat Your Chickens For Avian Pox

    Good luck with your bird!
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    X 2. Welcome to BYC. Here are more links with pictures.
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