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Oct 3, 2010
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Just a quick question. I haven't noticed until today, which is mostly because i have been sick, but on the right side of all my chicks just under their neck and before their wing there is a lump. Is this normal or something i should keep an eye on? its weird that all have the lump....

Am i worrying about nothing?

Its their crop. First place the food goes to. Means they are eating good.

Spend some time in the Learning Center, wonderful info there. There's a link at the top center of the page.
Your welcome. First time my neighbor saw her chicken dust bathing she came running over screaming that her chickens were having seizures, I went over said no taking a bath. Its always better to ask questions. That way you'll know. Better to be safe than sorry.
I knew chickens had crops but when I felt a large lump on my bantam's chest, I freaked. The lump wasn't centered (I had thought crops were in the middle) and was lower than I had imagined. Chiclet had recently enjoyed a some bread and that made the bulge more noticeable I guess.
Still learning :)

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