Lung injury in Bantam?

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    Jun 9, 2016
    So I have a Golden Laced Seabright Bantam rooster, now if you don't know these guys are kinda mean. Anyway when my roosters try to attack my leg I hit them with a stick for them to back off. I haven't done this in a bit but one of my roosters now has a hurt lung.
    He has no symptoms of being sick but lays down, crouches instead of standing tall, and when he walks he never runs. Mainly it seems like he can't get enough air because he is slow. Also the reason I think it's a lung problem is his lungs click when he breathes but he isn't breathing through an open mouth and nothing is bubbling out.
    I have isolated him thinking he got hurt in a fight and he has food and water with electrolytes and I was wondering if this sounds like him being sick or he got hurt

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