Lymphoid Leukosis


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010

Unfortunately, one of my Ameraucanas has LL, and she has reached the stage of water diarrhea. Does anyone have an idea of if/how long she will live? She's been very lethargic, and has been waddling everywhere due to her sagging behind.

Unfortunately I have lost several hens to this. They may live for several days but is always fatal.

On the other hand, I did have a hen with the "low butt stance" and yellow green diarrhea, lethargic. I gave her a broad spectrum antibiotic for a few days and she pulled through.

Have you checked to see if she's egg bound? Try giving her a warm bath if possible. Maybe she'll lay an egg.

So sorry you're going through this.
Yep, it is almost 100 percent fatal, very very few would pull thru it. Some breeds of chickens are suspectible more to LLV than others.

Sorry, you did everything you can to help her. Just make her comfortable until you make your decision on her welfare.
How do you know she has Lymphoid Leukosis? It seems to me that it would be impossible to know for sure until you could do an autopsy. If she is retaining water in her abdomen, this is known as ascites (water balloon belly) and you can drain the fluids off in order to make her feel more comfortable. If this is the case, her belly will become swollen with fluid. I would also check her vent to make sure she is not eggbound, and if you see any yellow discharge you could treat for egg yolk peritonitis. Don't give up on her!
chookchick, my hen has gotten better since I last posted, I think you may be right about the ascites. If it was LL, she probably should have passed by now. Good news for us!

Hoping for some chicks now . . .


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