Mad Chicken....or, Good idea Gone Wrong

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    May 7, 2011
    Is there a "Chicken" version of PMS? Here's my chicken story from today. I knew there was risk of friction when introducing new babies to an established flock, but this is the other way around. I have 15 teenagers. Well, since I work nights I have had to "tuck" the kids into bed after I get home at night and they seemed confused when it was bedtime on the evenings I was home at bedtime. Couldn't get them to settle in for the night. DH had a great idea.....get hold of an adult hen, and let her show my youngsters how to be chickens. Ok. New hen...check. Established teenagers......check. Oh No! UNCHECK. LOL. Not working out so well. New hen a Production Red, teenagers are RIR's, Comets, Barred Rocks, and Tetra Tints. New hen harassing the teens most the time, even when they are not near her, she will go after them. I introduced her in the middle of the nite. Thankfully I am on vacation right now, and can supervise. Needless to say, we will be building a new jail tomorrow just for her until the teens get older and bigger. And it will serve as my broody pen in the future if i should get lucky enough for my unbroody breeds to go broody. I'm hoping her attitude will improve once she adapts and starts laying. The youngsters have plenty of escape room, but it's too hot for them to be running all the time. [​IMG]
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