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    Jun 26, 2012
    Does anyone know the classic game Mad Libs? Someone writes a story, but leaves a few crucial words out of it. Then somebody else puts words in the blank space. For example: the animal was very excited to finally action verb.

    Then another person fills in the blanks: mouse, jumped.
    Then the story becomes: the mouse was very excited to finally jump.

    However, the story is much funnier if the person does not know what the story is. So here's how we play. I start out, with writing something along the lines of 'action verb' or 'noun' or anything along the lines of that. Then you all comment what you want your action verb and what not to be. After you comment, I'll comment the whole story, fill in the blanks, and then you all can make up your own stories :)
    Another example just in case you don't understand:
    Person 1: verb, name, noun, color, noun.
    Person two: laugh, Cozette, table, purple, lamp.
    Person 1: one day, after laughing for a long time, Cozette flopped down on her table. And pulled a purple lamp over her head.
    Of course, I'm hoping your stories will be more complete than this was.
    And the story MUST be chicken themed.
    All BYC rules apply.

    Okay, I'll start:

    Name, different name, action verb, adverb, different adverb, noun, action verb, building, body part, part of costume, holiday, action verb.

    Here's a tip, write out your story beforehand, :)

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