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6 Years
Dec 11, 2015
Is it common for quail to make a nest? In the wooden part of their cage i have have for bedding. One of them made a nice neat little nest.

Is it possible one of them could be starting to become broody? Or is this basic common behavior?
What type of bedding are you using? :)

If given access to hay I've seen a lot of hens make super shoddy nests by pulling it with their beak close to them and then tosses it behind their back but being broody usually means she needs several eggs in what she considers a good nest to trigger her.

You could try giving her dry grass clippings/hay in a corner or openish box and letting the eggs pile up til there's several and see what she does, may also entice her to have plastic pots of grass taller than her :)

When she has several eggs she could start sitting on them which you'll notice :p
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They have timothy hay in the wooden part of the hutch. The nest is pretty decent looking.. tho when i did have eggs, they were laid in the sand box.
It'd be awesome if i got lucky enough for a broody quail!!! :)
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