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    May 13, 2011
    Hi everyone [​IMG]

    So as mentioned in an thread posted yesterday I adopted (4) 3 week old barred rocks yesterday. Here is my question..when I went to pick up the chickens the owner wasn't sure of the sex so I did a google search and did the best I could to try and pick 4 females..It said with this breed that most times females will have small white patches on their heads in comparison with the males and that the females legs tend to be so happened that the one's I picked with little white on the head also did have dark legs. One thing I am noticing today is that 2 have more prominent jagged comb on the head than the other two. Do the females also have this in the barred ?? I wish I could tell which were female and which were not for sure.

    Thank You for any insight !! [​IMG]
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    Can you post pictures on here yet? Generally males are more lightly colored than the BR females.

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