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    At the beginning of my venture into backyard chickens, because of the time factor, I was considering purchasing a pre-fabbed coop thingy. I asked a question about it in the forum, as well as, doing research online. Pros and cons of both. After many weeks, about 4 weeks total, this morning I moved my girls from their brooder confines to their new home. Made it all myself! I still have to set up the water system. Which I will do later today. But, I wanted to introduce them to their run, at the least. Most of this was made with pallets, and wood I obtained from a scrap wood pile at a construction site. Yes, they gave me permission. Said, "have at it". The roof, and most of the frame wood I purchased. Anyways, I built the feeder into the door based on the bird feeders I make. This is just a super-duper sized bird feeder. In fact, I need to trim the feeder tray down just a tad. The water will be from a 5 gallon bucket perched outside with PVC pipes running into the coop, and underneath using the water nipples. All gravity fed. I will post pics when I complete it. This coop came from just ideas I had in my head, along with ideas from here and YouTube. So, whaddya think?? [​IMG]



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    Well done!

    Will you have bedding in the coop? It looks like the feeder tray sits pretty close to floor level if that is the feeder in the picture - I ask about bedding as the birds will do a lot of digging about in bedding and quickly fill a feeder that is below chest level.
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    Thank you! I enjoyed getting the creative juices flowing in my head.
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    that's awesome! it's hard to beat 'free' and 'cheap' when you're working on a project! I've learned to check the oops stacks, the cull pile and ask if there's any 'slightly damaged and discounted' when I go to home depot.

    other day I was in there and got a 2x10 PT long enough to make the two steps for accessing my coop for absolutely nothing! it was broken on both ends, had a bit of a rough edge down one side, they'd cut it in half and stuck both pieces in one of the trash cans. I asked the guy if I could have it, he checked and said exactly what they told you, 'anything in the trash can, have at it"

    you did an awesome job on that tractor!
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