Made our own feed out of deer meat last night.

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    Mar 25, 2014
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    We were given about 15lbs of meat from some friends so we sat down last night with the knives and a meat grinder attachment on the Kitchen-Aid and got busy. All said and done we ended up with just a shade over 10lbs of ground deer in the freezer and a large pile of tendon and meat that we couldn't separate from the silver. So on a whim (and since I know my chickens eat deer meat anyway) we ground it up and added in flax seed, oats, raisins, cut apricots and some avocado. Mixed it all up and the result is 5lbs of high protein chicken feed that cost us next to nothing. We'll start feeding it this week to see how they like it. It will not be the only source of feed they have, they get layer pellets free choice and free range our property all day so the feed we made will be more of a treat in the evenings before bed time.

    Thoughts on what w can do to improve on something like this? The deer we get come from a game preserve and the cull deer every few months so we can possibly continue to get venison throughout the year.
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    I can't comment on the nutritional value, but certainly sounds like a great is.
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    Sounds like a great supplement to their regular feed- and kudos to you for not letting any of that deer go to waste! Maybe a bit of calcium might make it a little more complete?

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