Maggots on duck


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Jun 9, 2018
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Wonder why you think it's a nutrient that he is missing.

If you can't find the area under a curve how can we take you seriously that you know 2+2?

If you don't know everything how can we believe you know anything?

You're flaunting a logical fallacy as if it were a virtue.

Don't worry, I will.

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May 10, 2020
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The duck knows enough to eat the best diet for long life but doesn't know how to avoid maggot infestation? There's no shame in ignorance; the cure is knowledge plus the wisdom to apply it. OP embraced the information that a Pekin duck's legs don't just simply get more deformed as they age unless there is something wrong- namely a dietary deficiency- but won't consider that cheap dog food is the best possible thing for the duck because the animal prefers it to a balanced layer feed for fowl.
The knowledge has been imparted by many wise people in this thread with at least a century's worth of cumulative experience. OP's refusal to release their stranglehold on the Pekin duck's insight regarding its dietary needs in spite of literally everything in the universe being contrary to it tells me all I need to know.

This is like that thread where the thread starter slowly killed her chicks while other members begged her to give them the most elementary and basic care. I hope the duck continues to improve but I'm not staying for whatever comes next.

I'm out.


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Mar 19, 2020
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Also you keep blaming the not swimming for all these problems. I had ducks years ago (they were between. 2 and 4 before a dog got them) and they never swam. We didn't know that they actually needed to swim, just that they needed to dunk their heads throughout the day (loved the gallon ice cream jugs for that.) None of them, even my pekin Mr Nibbles had health issues like this (she did have stiff joints near the end, but you could hardly tell just watching them).

You're the one insisting animals know exactly what they need and eat what they crace, but then when people give examples of animals eating things unhealthy or freaking toxic, let alone not even food, you argue with that too.


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I'm honestly confused by this. You came on here, asking for advice about your duck. Clearly you did that because you can see there is a problem. However, when all these people tell you what the problem is and how to fix it, you just argue and say there is no problem.
If you're not going to take the advice of all these knowledgeable people, even though you sought out the advice in the first place, then why even start the thread? If you insist that you are doing everything right, and she just needs to swim to solve the problem, then why did you even ask about it at all?
I sincerely hope that your duck somehow manages to get better, and live a long and happy life. But, I can tell you that it most likely won't happen unless you make some serious changes, and accept that everything you're doing is not perfect.


Aug 16, 2021
How old are your Pekins?
They are 7 months: my son has had them from "day old ducklings" purchased at Tractor Supplies. We brooded them in the house, got them out into the back porch for bathing from about 4 weeks, and outside in a tractor pen/coop from 8 weeks. They still think they are house ducks and will get inside if the rear porch door is left cracked open by mistake!! Oh and the two females started laying from about 12 weeks -- within 5 days of each other. The ducks are fed twice daily and get meal worms every day; defrosted frozen peas many days.
Did I mention they like chewing shoes and trousers, too? They ate the ripe tomato but weren't very keen on it
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