Magpie call duck breeders?


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Yelm Washington
Does anyone know of any call duck breeders that raise good quality Magpie colored ones? I have pet quality ones now and want to improve them.

Thanks everyone.
Well, I have a female magpie call, and a white pied male. Heres a pic of her. I dont know if shes good quality, but she a magpie call.

Oh my! She is pretty. Thank you, I plan on keeping one of her sons and a daughter and trying to keep thqt magpie in there
What are the differences between Ancona and Magpie?? I am Sooooo confused... LOL.. All I know is that is the color pattern I realy like..Besides her, I have 2 others.. both are her offspring.. one lookes just like her and the other is blue instead of black.. Ive gotta take some pics today.. I will post them as soon as I get them..

Thanks everyone..
The difference is that magpies are smaller and, significantly, have very specific color patterns that are acceptable in show birds. Anconas are larger and their coloration can be highly variable.

Very few magpies meet the criteria for proper coloration. Dave Holderread is the only breeder I know of who reliably provides proper coloration, and I don't think he does the calls. Here are some of my (soon to be sold) magpies from Holderread, with good (but not perfect) coloration. You will not often see it even as good as this:


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