9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
My incubators are full again!! I have available 8+ Magpie duck hatching eggs, you will get extras... up to a dozen possibly (what i can fit safely in a flat rate box). These eggs are candling 100% fertile!!!! My ratio here is a trio of silvers, a pair of blacks, and a trio of blues...they are flocked together, so you have 3 drakes breeding the hens. In your hatch you will get all 3 colors...the silvers are all yellow at hatch, the blues are a light blue and yellow at hatch, and the blacks do look very black and yellow at hatch also....very easy to colorize right away so you know what you have. Makes for a wonderful surprise and great fun!

Now for the good part... these ducks are very easy to raise, hardy, and very quiet (they are not talkers like Mallards who in my opinion are loud and obnoxious). They dont mind small yards or a small pool for backyard fun. Very nice birds. I got my start from a breeder in Indiana who has show quality ducks. We have already hatched out 2 dozen ducklings here... here is your chance while my bators are full if you want some really pretty ducks. $24 for the eggs... $16 for priority flat rate shipping. Paypal only... [email protected]

I would encourage anyone to come pick up eggs over them being shipped... you would definately have excellent fertility like i am getting here. I messaged you back with my cell number, you can come anytime and get eggs. I started gathering these over the weekend, so we really need to get them in an incubator by Thurs/Friday.
Just to let everyone know... i also have hatching eggs in Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Cuckoo Marans, some Black Jersey giants, Buff orpington, possibly some sussex to add to those if you wanted some. I am pricing poultry eggs at $2 each, as i dont want to see any of them get wasted or tossed because they lost fertility because i really dont have room here. I am waiting on chicks to hatch still.
I'd like to go ahead with buying a dozen eggs Francie. I'm not being allowed to PM you more than twice a day so please excuse my public posting :)
Thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought I was going crazy for a second there :) Looks like its time I start posting more!
Thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought I was going crazy for a second there :) Looks like its time I start posting more!
I sent you a message and email back Monica!! I will get the eggs ready for you. If anyone else would like some magpie eggs i can gather for next Monday. Just PM or email me. I have alot of poultry eggs ready to ship, if anyone is interested. (-:

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