Magpie Ducks


In the Brooder
9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Does anyone know someone selling Magpie Ducks? I am looking for Magpie Ducklings, Magpie pairs or trios. I have Magpies and would like to increase my flock Thanks
Good morning! I don't have magpies, but I wanted to welcome you to the Duck Forum.
Not sure where to get show quality magpies, but I know IdealPoultry sells magpies and can ship them and you can order them sexed.
I shocked to find my local tractor supply actually has magpies this year! Some have pretty decent to great coloring others not so much... But I got two last week and two this week to raise and see how close structure wise they are to the standard... (Now to find a copy of the standard!)

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