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Jan 22, 2017
Hello, am a new duck person starting with a matched Magpie pair ...didn't know that...figured it out.duh...Originally kept with my 40 some laying hens but the drake started really disturbing the hens (chick) . I separated the 'happy couple' (think Magpie hen would have preferred to stay with the chicks...) But...this Drake I quickly named DICK ...was so eager to 'get it on' I went out and got 2 more hens of Magpie lineage for him to ease up a bit. The area the ducks have is separate by a 4 foot fence and never the 2 groups shall be inconvienienced. Last 3 weeks the 3 hens eventually all stopped hanging with Dick ...I found 2 nests ...1 i cannot access the other looks like 12 eggs? Hard to tell ...The 2 mixed girls seem to be rotating on 1 of the nest. The other is pretty much the original Magpie hen Jane. I understand 1mo. is the time frame for domestic duck incubation? I am some concerned what i read (not on this site?) about Dick and the new 'kids' . This will be my first time as 'Grandma' i guess...The thing with all the ducks is I got them as young adults and they (esp Magpie's ) were never handled. I 've had to move Dick back behind the the fence a time or two ...this is done by voice, flipping a towel and opening a gate. He's not aggressive to me nor have my roosters been . Dick is very sweet to the ladies ...except for ya know...but great about food , preditors and keeping watch and I like that about him. I'm excited to give him more to do with the babies...separating them seems a real bummer to me. But nature can be nasty and i certainly don't want to do any harm...Little more discription about where they're kept..access to about 2 arcres one with protection (buildings, trees , big pool..ground variance) There are sheep in the brood pen and it's kind of a busy place...Consider this with your kind replies ...My hope is he'll be busy protecting them rather than trying to eat them but am not sure on the pschology...the reason babies would be threatened by him...Appreciate all considerations Thanks, noagenda21


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Jul 10, 2010
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As above, he could be perfectly fine with ducklings. Or he could be a terror.
Have a plan B ready in case it is needed.
Either move the ladies and babies or move him until the babies are bigger and he's less of a dick.

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