Magpie or Ancona ducks?


10 Years
Sep 20, 2009
NE Wisconsin
Are Magpie and Ancona ducks the same breed, just called by different names? I can't tell the difference from looking at photos of them. I think they are great and want to buy some for my pond and pets. Any advice as to where to purchase either? I'm in the Green Bay area of Wisconsin.
Magpies and anconas are not the same. Magpies have a more regular pattern of black and white, while anconas should have a more random pattern. The genetics are related, but not exactly the same. You can purchase either breed from Holderread Waterfowl Farm. I'm getting some magpies from them this Spring--I can't wait!
good way to tell an ancona from a magpie is that the magpie will have a bigger color splatch and they will be more refined and regular. the ancona will have smaller more irregular patches. i just wanted to word it differently in case someone else wanted the same info differently worded
I have 4 Anconas 2 hens 2 drakes, I LOVE them... not that realtes much to your question!
Anconas and magpies are really different. The reason people get them confused is because they are probably seeing pet quality birds. See the two examples posted below, they are show quality.



Magpies are supposed to have a patch of color on the head and back, thats it. Anconas have a random pattern of color. Anconas should have more spots and less blotches.
Anconas are also heavier by 1/2 pound than Magpies; Magpies are a light breed and Anconas a medium breed. I haven't ever had Magpies but I do have a small flock of Anconas and they are very nice birds, good foragers. I left them free-range over winter and they moved in with the goats. When I moved the goats from the shed to the barn, the ducks followed on their own. Don't know if it's because they love goats or don't like sheep.....

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