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    Feb 13, 2012
    I have hatched eggs twice in the kdg. classrooms. First time, the hatch was great 14/17. Was like a mother hen constantly checking temp/humidity etc. Have a hovebater 1588 with automatic egg turner. I had ordered eggs which were shipped from nearby Connecticut. The next year the hatch was horrible even though I was super careful again. Those eggs I personally picked up from a farm 1 hr. away so they would be fresh and perfectly controlled as far as temperature and shipping. Only 6 hatched out of 20! I had to go buy some chicks to supplement cause the kids were really disappointed. Should I not be worried to buy from a hatchery/farm in a state further away? I can't seem to find a place to order from in a nearby state. They are all in TX, Kentucky, or really down south. I could use some advice. (or the name of a place in NYS. where they sell fertile eggs)

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    I am in New England and have ordered from Mt Healthy in Ohio I think, from Ideal which is in Texas and I have not had any problems. I would say to just plan to get your chicks when you are sure the weather won't be to cold or too hot and you should be okay.
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    Feb 13, 2012
    Only problem is that we have to have the chicks hatch by April 6 which is when Easter break starts. Class would like- maybe 2 weeks- to enjoy them after they hatch. That means they have to incubate by 1st of March or so. That's why I am concerned. Thanks so much for your info about long distant ordering. K......
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    check with jodi (hinkjc),on this forum she's in pa and has nice orpingtons and I had 80 % hach rate
    from her eggs.

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