Maintainer versus layer feed?


Oct 13, 2019
Anchorage Alaska
That article seems sketchy at best. They make big claims and offer only anecdotal evidence. I'm pretty sure almost all the people here feed layer or some sort of all flock. Maintainer with low protein is cheap feed that farms use to save money when the birds are not laying. I think casportpony feeds 28% game bird feed and I'm quite certain those ducks are compleately healthy.
May 13, 2018
Idk. I’m only two years into duck keeping, and I haven’t made up my mind. I feed an all flock maintenance pellet in the winter, and sometimes layer/sometimes maintenance in the summer. I always offer oyster shell. I have one horrible layer + two perfect young layers no matter what I feed. :idunno


Mar 20, 2017
I don't know ducks, but a few things strike me as odd:

"they almost never stopped laying eggs (unless we forced them to go broody)"
However does one "force" a duck to go broody? :barnie

If it's so good to keep ducks on a lower-protein feed, why are they getting mealworms for treats? (given that mealworms are known for being high in protein.)

The author switched the ducks' feed a year ago, and hasn't had health problems since--but what was the previous rate of health problems per year? I might expect a single year without health problems to happen every now and then regardless of what is being fed.

How old were the ducks the most recent winter, vs. the previous winter? (I know chickens commonly lay through their first winter but not their second winter, and chickens lay less eggs with each successive year--are ducks the same?)

I feel that this article does not give me enough information to tell whether the change in duck feeding is helpful, harmful, or neither. :idunno
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