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I'd like to be able to see the original post date for topics. It would be helpful in order to evaluate whether to weigh in on a topic or to determine (if it's a common subject) if a topic is one already 'dismissed.'

I'm not sure if Punbb has a quickie answer for this, but I'd love to see it added.

I'm not sure I understand. The "original post date" for any topic would be the date of the very first post in the topic, right?

Are you saying you want to see the original post date on a list before you go into the thread / topic, from somewhere like the index or a forum sub-section?

It is an interesting suggestions, but it might clutter things up a bit / cause confusion.

We'll add it to the list of suggestions. If you know of other forums that have public access that do this, send me a PM with links and I'll take a look.

What I'm suggesting is that where the topic title is, such as:
Meanest mom in the world.... by MagsC [ New posts ] perhaps just at the end of the author's username could be a date:
Meanest mom in the world.... by MagsC (06/02/09) [ New posts ]

I'm not looking for enough to clutter anything up, just a reference. For instance, I saw a thread the other day that I thought was a new one, but discovered upon opening was not. Several others didn't, rushing to RoosterRed's aid on a question posted 2 years ago.

Likewise, I failed to hop in and help today, because a topic was titled similarly to something I answered recently, and that individual hadn't been answered yet (I noticed later upon opening as I was trying to do anything other than help a peeping pipper!) in a satisfactory way.

I do nearly all of my forum activity from the recent posts page, as I think many others do, so this would be very informative- since it's not new topics, but any age topic to which a post has just been made.

It wouldn't add but 11 character spaces with the space included, and I think it would be well worth it!


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