Make own gamebird feed ?


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Beverly Hills, CA
Can you make your own ?? I bought some for my quails and i'm running low, and due to my location, it's no that easy to come by. There is only one place that has any and it's kinda far away ??

Can you make your own?? What could be added for protein? I read that fish meal is used but I cant find that anywhere in store or online !
It is not that easy to formulate quail feed. So I would recommend you try to get the bagged stuff. But in a pinch, should you run out of quail feed at your house, you can use chicken starter and add hard boiled eggs on the side. Your quail don't die immediately if they go without high protein for a week, but I would suggest getting the correct mixture at the feed store. Good luck!
Leyla has told you true. They will live on finch seed and grass hoppers. But if your gonna raise the birds, the right feed is needed. Shoot for 26 to 30% Protein. I know only one person that made her own feed and it was expensive and labor intensive. She did it to sell "all natural" eggs.. Good luck with your project, Bill

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