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I want to know how I can make a make shift incubator/hatcher I ask as I am doing staggered hatches atm and my dumb brinsea mini II eco's fan has decided to pack it in (only bought the thing last year!) but I do not have time to send the stupid thing off to get fixed nor do I have time to wait for parts (think my hubby voided the warranty on it by using a small screwdriver that was not brinsea brand on it!).

My eggs are due for lock down in the next few days so I need to get this sorted like now. I have a cheap styrofoam box (got two really) I got a digital temp and humidity things it reads about 1.4c more then what the real temp is. I have a heating pad (but it does turn off after so long) I also have a old table lamp (not sure of wattage).

I know people have made incubators/hatchers out of this stuff but can anyone point me in the right direction (this is only temp til my heka 90 egg incubator gets here).
Do you have/can you get a working thermostat? Wait I've not ever made it to the hatching hatchers need to stay the same-ish temps as a bator?
I posted too quick...I couldn't be bothered to read more than the first paragraph the first time.

Let's much time do we have to figure this out?
:barnie a few days. Ok. Let me go back to sleep and I'll be back with some ideas when I wake up for real.
I have a medium size styrofoam cooler thing I have cleaned that out. I laid a old burp cloth on the base followed by a auto turn off heating pad ( I'm up and down all night every few hrs anyway so can turn it on or off etc) I have a dish with water in there ( think I need bigger dish and a sponge) and the thermometers and humidity thing.

Checked on it round a hr ago it seems to be steady at 36.5c (need to increase heat but steady heat is a good sign) humidity was solid at 50%.

Checked on the in side to see if it was warm yes and it felt humid to turned up temp so let's see if I can get this going.
Could you crank up the temp in the Brinsea and convert to still air? That may be easiest. I know the temps are different for still air but it should be possible!
thought about it but the fan has bad the thing stink something bad and don't want to risk it. I have debated about buying a new plug and fan for it but don't feel like blowing £27 or roughly $39 for both. specially when I basically have everything to make a kiki type ghetto incubator ;)

btw I love the term now remind me who it was that came up with that one cuz they need a thank you lol:lau

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